About Spa Beerland

Treat yourself to the only original


Our beer spa Spa Beerland offers an original spa treatment that is based on the use of only natural ingredients, materials and ancient healing techniques.

The beer spa treatment itself consists of several parts:

a bath in beer, beer extracts and herbal beer mixture

unlimited consumption of light and dark beer

resting on a bed of real organic wheat straw by the warmth of the fireplace

consumption of homemade beer bread

Description of the procedure

The Spa Beerland beer bath takes place in handmade, 1,000 litre, whirlpool tubs made from Royal Oak and is based on bathing in natural extracts which are used in brewing of the Czech beer – selected varieties of hops, brewer’s yeast and malt.

The bath is followed by a rest on a bed of real wheat straw, which we grow on our own organic fields, and which will increase the absorption of all the vitamins and extracts from the previous herbal bath. During your rest you will be able to enjoy fresh home-made beer bread and a blazing fireplace will keep you company.

During the treatment, you will have the beer bath room exclusively to yourself and will be able to drink unlimited amounts of light and dark beer.

Important information

What to bring

You don’t need to bring anything with you, everything will be taken care of – we will prepare cotton towels and sheets, linen blankets and lime wood slippers (on request). You will have the entire BEER SPA wellness suite, including the dressing room and bathroom exclusively to yourself during the treatment – our staff will show you the place, explain everything, and for the rest of the time you will not be disturbed during the treatment. For the final effect and the beneficial effect of natural elements (oak, hops, barley, wheat) it is better to undergo the procedure without swimwear.

Before the treatment

The client must arrive for the treatment at the agreed time, preferably 5 minutes beforehand. If the client does not arrive even 20 minutes after the agreed time, the reservation is automatically considered as cancelled and the operator is entitled to accept another client. If the client cancel the reservation, they lose the right to a refund. Any situation that requires cancellation of the reservation at the original date and time (including requests to postpone the reservation to another time or date) is considered as cancellation. The cancellation fee is 100% of the booking price. The operator is entitled to refuse the client if he/she arrives in a drunken state (a breathalyser test showing alcohol levels higher than 0.1‰ is decisive).

After the procedure

After the treatment you will feel pleasantly relaxed, the relaxation you will experience during our bath is complex and has a pleasant relaxing effect not only on the body but also on the soul. You don’t have to worry about unwanted odour, as after the beer bath you are scented with a herbal hop blend and the brewer’s yeast will make your skin soft and supple. If you use a swimsuit during the treatment, it is recommended that you rinse your swimsuit thoroughly in clean water immediately after the beer bath and wash it in the washing machine the same day.


The high hop essential oil content contributes to the overall vitalisation and relaxation of the skin pores. The brewer’s yeast has a beneficial effect on skin regeneration thanks to its high vitamin B content and active enzymes. Thanks to this unique combination of natural ingredients and the magical effect of the royal oak tree, which has always been a symbol of longevity and resilience, the bath stimulates metabolism, flushes harmful substances from the body, releases internal and external tension, fatigue and stress, and thus leads to perfect mental and physical relaxation. During the beer bath you will be able to drink unlimited amounts of Czech beer, premium lager.

People allergic to proteins, yeast, hops, pregnant women, people suffering from high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases should consult their doctor before taking a beer bath.

MUDr. Jana Tesařová

The beneficial effects of our original Spa Beerland® beer bath:

Skin rejuvenation

supply of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins

soothing effects on skin, hair and muscles

relaxation of muscle tension

stress reduction

regeneration not only of the body but also of the mind

improving blood circulation

detoxification – flushing harmful substances from the body

cleansing of pores

increased heart activity

The main ingredients of the Spa Beerland® beer bath:

Czech brewer’s yeast, which has been used for baths since ancient times, has a great tradition in Czech healing – it supplies our body with essential B vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and contributes to the overall regeneration of our skin, which in the warm water relaxes the skin pores and thus flushes out harmful substances from the body (similar system to the sauna). Scientists clearly agree that they contain more vitamins, trace elements and amino acids than ever thought possible. Brewer’s yeast is fantastic for nourishing the skin, smoothing wrinkles and overall skin hydration.

They are also one of the richest sources of organic iron, essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides, sterols, glycides, enzymes and other bioactive compounds. They are a rich source of B vitamins, including pangamic acid – vitamin B15, first extracted from yeast several decades ago, minerals (e.g. calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium) and trace elements (iron, iodine, copper, zinc and manganese). Brewer’s yeast helps in the healing of liver inflammation and is suitable for increased physical and mental stress and sports. B vitamins contained in brewer’s yeast, support digestion and metabolism. They have a positive effect on the restoration of intestinal microflora and thus on human immunity.

Czech hops

It is a herb that has a strong energizing effect during bathing, contributes to overall regeneration and uniquely complements the action of brewer’s yeast. Hops dissolved in the beer bath releases aromatic essential oils that give the bath itself a typical aroma. Women can use hops in the bath as a very effective natural scrub peeling.

Czech premium beer

In addition to a small amount of alcohol, it contains other substances such as vitamins (thiamine and riboflavin), folic acid, carbohydrates and proteins. Drinking beer alone during a beer bath helps to mentally relax.


It is the last element in our natural concept of Spa Beerland®. Resting on natural organic wheat from our own fields induces a pleasant relaxation and promotes the absorption of vitamins, especially B vitamins, from the previous bath. Already half an hour after the bath, your skin will be as soft as never before.

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Covid-19 Information

As Spa Beerland's facilities are only available on exclusive rentals, you have nothing to worry about, you will always have the entire beer spa room to yourself. Moreover, we time the treatments with sufficient distance, so you will not meet any strangers during or after the treatment. Your safety will be taken care of by our staff, who are thoroughly trained and will prepare everything before your arrival. Before the treatment, the entire room is thoroughly disinfected using products containing chlorine and ozone. You can make your reservation securely online.

Covid-19 Informationen

Da die Einrichtungen von Spa Beerland nur exklusiv gemietet werden können, müssen Sie sich keine Sorgen machen, denn Sie haben den gesamten Bier-Spa-Raum immer für sich allein. Außerdem werden die Behandlungen in ausreichendem Abstand zueinander durchgeführt, so dass Sie während und nach der Behandlung keine fremden Personen treffen. Für Ihre Sicherheit sorgen unsere Mitarbeiter, die gründlich geschult sind und alles vor Ihrer Ankunft vorbereiten. Vor der Behandlung wird der gesamte Raum mit chlor- und ozonhaltigen Produkten gründlich desinfiziert. Sie können Ihre Reservierung sicher online vornehmen.

Covid-19 Информация

Поскольку помещения Spa Beerland предоставляются только в эксклюзивное пользование, Вы можете не беспокоиться, поскольку весь зал пивного спа-салона всегда находится в Вашем распоряжении. Кроме того, процедуры проводятся на достаточном расстоянии друг от друга, чтобы во время и после процедуры Вы не встретили посторонних. За вашу безопасность отвечает наш персонал, который тщательно обучен и все готовит к вашему приходу. Перед процедурой все помещение тщательно дезинфицируется средствами, содержащими хлор и озон. Вы можете забронировать номер в безопасном режиме онлайн.

Informazioni sul Covid-19

Poiché le strutture della Spa Beerland sono disponibili solo in affitto esclusivo, non avete nulla di cui preoccuparvi: avrete sempre l'intera sala della Spa per voi. Inoltre, programmiamo i trattamenti a distanza sufficiente, in modo che non possiate incontrare estranei durante o dopo il trattamento. Il nostro personale, accuratamente addestrato, si occuperà della vostra sicurezza e preparerà tutto prima del vostro arrivo. Prima del trattamento, l'intera sala viene accuratamente disinfettata con prodotti contenenti cloro e ozono. È possibile effettuare la prenotazione in modo sicuro online.

Informations sur Covid-19

Comme les installations de Spa Beerland ne sont disponibles qu'en location exclusive, vous n'avez aucune raison de vous inquiéter : vous aurez toujours l'intégralité de la salle de spa à la bière pour vous seul. De plus, nous programmons les traitements à une distance suffisante, de sorte que vous ne rencontrerez pas d'étrangers pendant ou après le traitement. Votre sécurité sera assurée par notre personnel, qui a reçu une formation complète et qui préparera tout avant votre arrivée. Avant le traitement, la salle est entièrement désinfectée à l'aide de produits contenant du chlore et de l'ozone. Vous pouvez effectuer votre réservation en ligne en toute sécurité.

Covid-19 Información

Como las instalaciones de Spa Beerland sólo están disponibles en alquiler exclusivo, no tiene de qué preocuparse, siempre tendrá toda la sala de spa de cerveza para usted solo. Además, programamos los tratamientos con la suficiente distancia, por lo que no se encontrará con ningún extraño durante ni después del tratamiento. De su seguridad se encargará nuestro personal, que ha recibido una formación exhaustiva y lo preparará todo antes de su llegada. Antes del tratamiento, toda la sala se desinfecta a fondo con productos que contienen cloro y ozono. Puede hacer su reserva en línea de forma segura.

Informacje o Covid-19

Ponieważ obiekty Spa Beerland są dostępne tylko na wyłączność, nie musisz się o nic martwić, zawsze będziesz mieć cały pokój piwnego spa dla siebie. Co więcej, zabiegi odbywają się w odpowiedniej odległości, więc nie spotkasz żadnych nieznajomych podczas ani po zabiegu. O Twoje bezpieczeństwo zadba nasz personel, który jest dokładnie przeszkolony i przygotuje wszystko przed Twoim przyjazdem. Przed zabiegiem całe pomieszczenie jest dokładnie dezynfekowane przy użyciu produktów zawierających chlor i ozon. Rezerwacji można dokonać bezpiecznie online.

Covid-19 信息


Covid-19 Informatie

Omdat de faciliteiten van Spa Beerland alleen beschikbaar zijn op exclusieve huurbasis, hoef je je nergens zorgen over te maken, je hebt altijd de hele bierkuurruimte voor jezelf. Bovendien timen we de behandelingen met voldoende afstand, zodat je geen vreemden tegenkomt tijdens of na de behandeling. Voor je veiligheid wordt gezorgd door ons personeel, dat goed getraind is en alles voor je klaarzet. Voor de behandeling wordt de hele ruimte grondig gedesinfecteerd met chloor- en ozonhoudende producten. Je kunt veilig online reserveren.