The first chateaux beer spa Prague
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3. Spa Beerland Chateaux Prague – reception
11. Beer spa Chateaux – alchemyst room
20. Beer spa Chateaux – astrologist room
24. Spa Beerland Chateaux Prague – relax Astrologist
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The first chateaux beer spa Prague welcomes you!

Welcome to the world of beer and alchemy, welcome to Chateaux Spa Beerland® Prague and enjoy a royal wellness experience!

The unique premises in Prague’s Hradcany pay tribute to the famous astrologer and alchemist Tycho Brahe, who once lived in the Nový Svět street. With our beneficial baths, we continue the efforts of all the world’s alchemists, who researched and searched for the elixir of eternal youth. The basement spa rooms have been restored to make you feel like you are in the middle of an alchemist’s workshop, where the miraculous elixir of youth has been sought for centuries – perhaps in the form of our rejuvenating baths.


Welcome to Rudolphine Prague at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. At that time, Prague was a true labyrinth of the world, where the cultural, artistic and scientific leaders of the time clashed, where research, discovery and creation were tireless. Prague was a true centre of cultural and scientific Europe. And all thanks to Rudolf II. Habsburg (18 July 1552, Vienna – 20 January 1612, Prague), Roman Emperor, King of Hungary, Bohemia and Croatia and Archduke of Austria.

An enthusiastic lover of the arts, patron and supporter of the sciences, Rudolf II contributed to the cultural flowering of the Czech lands and intensive international contacts in the field of science and culture. On the recommendation of the director of his alchemical workshops, the learned naturalist and his personal physician Tadeáš Hájek of Hájek, Rudolf II also invited the renowned Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe to Prague.

At the end of the 16th century, Tycho Brahe had already been working for the Danish king for many years as a prominent astronomer whose observations with instruments made according to his own designs were so accurate that they were surpassed only after the discovery of the telescope. To capitalise on his genius, Tycho was commissioned by King Frederik II of Denmark to build private laboratories and observatories at Uranienborg and Stjerneborg on the island of Hven. He worked for over twenty years on the island observatory donated by the king. For his services he was awarded the highest Danish royal decoration, the Order of the Elephant, with which he is often portrayed. In his residence on the island of Hven, which was surrounded by extensive gardens, Tycho Brahe cultivated a wide variety of herbs, the medicinal effects of which this multi-talented scientist studied in detail.

After his arrival in Prague, Tycho Brahe stayed in the house „U Zlatého noha“ – a building adjacent to the house „U Zlaté hrušky“. After his arrival in Prague, Tycho Brahe was in close contact with his long-time friend and scientific colleague Tadeáš Hájek of Hájek, a great expert on Czech beer, who was the first to write a learned treatise on beer (De cerevisia eiusque conficiendi ratione).

Tycho and Hájek often drank the excellent beer from the Krušovice brewery, which Rudolf II bought for the Czech Crown in 1583. Tycho, who was familiar with the healing power of herbs, immediately discovered that the unique ingredient in beer that brings relaxation and relaxation to the body is Žatec hops. He did not hesitate to embark on studies and experiments to make the most of the great effects of hops for health and rejuvenation, as ordered by Emperor Rudolf II himself. Tycho carried out his research in alchemical laboratories that he set up in the cellars of a neighbouring building – the house of the Golden Pear – the house you are in today. After a series of experiments, Tycho concluded that the best effects of relaxation and overall regeneration of the body, calming of the nerves and rejuvenation of the skin are achieved in a whirlpool bath containing crushed hops and brewer’s yeast, followed by rest on a natural straw bed. The secret ingredient in the healing treatment was also the beer itself. A good mood and well-being not only during the treatment but also afterwards is promoted by continuous moderate sipping of Krušovice beer. Welcome to the world of beer and alchemy, welcome to Chateaux Spa Beerland in Prague and enjoy the royal wellness!

During your visit to our chateaux SPA BEERLAND® PRAGUE you will be able to:

  • reserve a beer spa room just for yourself
  • relax in original, handmade, thousand-liter oak tubs
  • experience a 100% natural bath in beer, beer extracts and herbal beer mixture
  • tap and drink unlimited amount of light and dark tank beer
  • relax on a bed of real wheat straw by the warmth of the fireplace
  • enjoy fresh homemade beer bread
  • tap your tank beer into a freezed glass from the beer fountain
  • experience the atmosphere of the alchemical cellars from the time of Rudolf II.
  • choose from the Alchemyst, Astrologist, Castle rooms

← Alchemyst Room

Description of the procedure

Beer bath Prague – takes place in handmade, thousand-liter, whirling tubs made of Royal Oak and is based on bathing in natural extracts used to brew Czech beer Krušovice® – selected varieties of hops, brewer’s yeast and malt. The high content of hop essential oils contributes to the overall vitalisation and relaxation of skin pores. Brewer’s yeast, thanks to its high content of vitamin B and active enzymes, has a beneficial effect on skin regeneration. Thanks to this unique combination of natural ingredients and the magical effect of the royal oak tree, which has always been a symbol of longevity and resilience, the bath stimulates metabolism, flushes harmful substances from the body, releases internal and external tension, fatigue and stress, and thus leads to perfect mental and physical relaxation. During the beer bath you will be able to drink unlimited amounts of genuine Czech Krušovice® beer

The bath is followed by a rest on a bed of real wheat straw, which we grow on our own organic fields. The wheat will promote the absorption of all the vitamins and extracts from the previous bath. During your rest you will be able to enjoy fresh homemade beer bread. A blazing fireplace will keep you company at the resting bed.

← Astrologist Room

Branch details

  • Historic house from the 17th century, from the era of Rudolf II., which is registered as national cultural monument
  • Place of residence of famous astrologer and alchemist Tycho Brahe
  • Unlimited tank beer consumption from beer fountain in the reception area during the entire stay
  • Three spa rooms: Alchemyst, Astrologist and Castle
  • Alchemyst room for up to 4 people with 2 Royal Oak tubs with the atmosphere of an alchemist’s workshop
  • Astrologist room for up to 8 people with 4 Royal Oak tubs with astronomical sky
  • Castle room for up to 4 people with 2 Royal Oak tubs with quotes from scientific greats
  • Four hotel rooms: Rudolf II, Brahe, Kepler and Kopernik
  • Room Rudolf II. with the Big Dipper constellation
  • Room Brahe with the Cassiopeia constellation

During the treatment you will have the entire beer bath exclusively to yourself and will be able to drink unlimited amounts of beer.


Exkluzivní pronájem Beer Spa místnosti (max. 8 osob)

Počet osobPočet kádíCena za 1 hodinu Cena za osobu
1 osoba1 káď1.800 Kč1.800 Kč za osobu
2 osoby1 káď2.500 Kč 1.250 Kč za osobu
2 osoby2 kádě3.100 Kč1.550 Kč za osobu
3 osoby2 kádě4.100 Kč1.366 Kč za osobu
3 osoby3 kádě5.000 Kč1.666 Kč za osobu
4 osoby2 kádě4.800 Kč1.200 Kč za osobu
4 osoby3 kádě5.500 Kč1.375 Kč za osobu
5 osob3 kádě6.000 Kč1.200 Kč za osobu
6 osob3 kádě6.500 Kč1.083 Kč za osobu
4 osoby4 kádě7.000 Kč1.750 Kč za osobu
5 osob4 kádě7.500 Kč1.500 Kč za osobu
6 osob4 kádě8.000 Kč1.333 Kč za osobu
7 osob4 kádě9.000 Kč1.286 Kč za osobu
8 osob4 kádě10.000 Kč1.250 Kč za osobu

Exkluzivní pronájem na 1 hodinu celého Spa Beerland, celkem 3 místnosti (max. 16 osob)

Počet osobPočet kádíCena za 1 hodinu Cena za osobu
max. 16 osob8 kádí19.500 Kč1.218 Kč za osobu

Price per person from 54 EUR depending on the chosen option


15% discount for the second hour

30% discount on the second hour if booked for 2.5 hours

By booking the client confirms that he/she agrees to the general terms and conditions. Children aged 3 – 18 years are charged 550 CZK / 20 EUR as the second person in one bath. A separate bath for a child is possible from the age of 15 and is charged 1100 czk / 40 eur. Persons up to and including the age of 18 are only allowed to enter when accompanied by an adult and are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages. Prices include VAT and service in a foreign language.

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Accommodation in the first beer Chateaux Prague

The national cultural monument „At Golden Pear“ has been carefully restored and now offers beautiful apartments in Chic Glamour style, in Comfort and Superior categories. The hotel is located in a quiet area of Prague’s Hradcany district, just 200 metres from Prague’s most visited monument – Prague Castle. Excellent accessibility with a car park 200 metres away and its own beer wellness centre makes this National Cultural Monument the ideal hotel for all lovers of history and golden beverage.

Comfort rooms are for 2-3 persons on the main bed, and are offered with shower or bath (attic room).

Superior rooms offer spacious interiors, a sofa bed, a work desk and can accommodate up to 4 people. Rooms in this category are distinguished not only by their size, but also by their bathroom with a freestanding bathtub – which is connected to the rest of the room by a glass wall. The ceiling of the bathroom is decorated with star lights in the shape of the constellation of the Big Dipper.

The entire stay includes unlimited tank beer, which you can tap from the beer fountain directly from the historic copper tanks, during opening hours from 10:00 to 19:00. Rooms are also equipped with a minibar, premium Italian furniture and king-size beds with quality mattresses.

Accommodation can be booked with breakfast (buffet and à la carte) or in a package with a beer bath.

Price list

Accommodation in the first beer Chateaux Prague

Number of personsType of roomPrice
1 personComfort Room2.300 Kč
2 personsComfort Room3.000 Kč 
1 personSuperior Room3.300 Kč
2 personsSuperior Room4.000 Kč
3 personsSuperior Room4.700 Kč
4 personsSuperior Room5.400 Kč


10% discount for stays of 3 – 4 nights
15% discount for stays of 5 nights or more

Prices may vary depending on the season. The above prices refer to the high season.
Low season 01.11. – 31.03. / High season 01.04. – 31.10. / Extra high season 22.12. – 15.01.

Accommodation with Beer Wellness for two persons in the first beer Chateaux Prague

Number of nightsNumber of tubsType of roomPrice
1 night 1 tubComfort Room5.000 Kč
1 night2 tubsComfort Room5.600 Kč
2 nights1 tubComfort Room7.500 Kč
2 nights2 tubsComfort Room8.100 Kč
1 night1 tubSuperior Room6.650 Kč
1 night2 tubsSuperior Room7.250 Kč
2 nights1 tubSuperior Room10.800 Kč
2 nights2 tubsSuperior Room11.400 Kč
(Prices are without breakfast. Breakfast surcharge is 370,-CZK per person and must be booked the day before by 15:00)

Check-In: 14:00 – 20:00

Check-Out: 10:00 – 12:00

Breakfast: 09:30 – 11:00

Reception opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00

Accommodation with pets is not allowed.

Parking lot “Jelení Dvůr” is 200m away from the hotel. Price 300,- CZK per day.

Parking lot “Prašný Most” 600m from the hotel. Price 150,- CZK per day.

Cancellation fee in case of cancellation 7 days or less before arrival is 100%. Full refund in case of cancellation 7 days or more before arrival.

For more information about the accommodation, please contact: hotel@beerspa-beerland.com


Where to find us

How far we are from

Hradcany Square 300 m
Loreta Square 450 m
Deer Ditch 20 m

How to reach us

tram – Brusnice station
Metro A – Hradčanská station
by car – overground car park Jelení dvůr
by car – underground car park Prašný most


Nový svět 3, Praha 1, 118 00
www.beerspa-beerland.com | praha@beerspa-beerland.com | hotel@beerspa-beerland.com

Phone: +420 725 898 383
Open daily from 10:00 to 22:00

OPERATOR: JSIG Nový svět, s.r.o., Bohdalecká 825/27, Praha, 101 00, IČ: 07935366, DIČ: CZ07935366