Here is a list of your most frequently asked questions. Please make sure your query is not answered here before contacting us.

Beer Spa

Why is the price of my booking different to the price I paid?

In these times of change, changes in energy prices, changes in demand, we too have to adapt and so we adjust our prices to suit the current situation.

Do I have to bring my swimsuit?

Swimwear is not necessary, and bathing without a swimsuit is recommended. If you use a swimsuit during the treatment, you must rinse it thoroughly in clean water immediately after the bath and wash it in the washing machine the same day.

Won’t I smell an unpleasant odour after a beer bath?

No, the Spa Beerland bath is only made with natural ingredients, which are used to brew the beer with little bath beer. After the treatment you will instead be scented with the essential oils of hop herbs and wheat. For the resulting effect on the skin, it is recommended to go at least one hour without another bath or shower.

Will we be alone in the room?

Yes, you reserve the room for yourself. Our concept is based on exclusive rentals of bath suites.

Which length of treatment should I choose?

One hour is the minimum length for the treatment to have the final effect. For better relaxation, we definitely recommend a longer treatment – for 2 to 2.5 hours. 90% of our customers who have chosen the 1 hour treatment say after the treatment that they would choose a 2 hour treatment next time.

Which option should I choose – two people in one bath or each person in their own bath?

We recommend one tub for one person for maximum comfort and final effect.

What is included in the bath room?

It includes a relaxation area, changing room, bathroom and toilet.

I have completed my booking but don’t know which branch to attend?

You will find the address in your confirmation email that was automatically sent to you after your booking.

When do I need to attend my treatment?

Preferably 5 minutes before the start of your booked time.

I did not receive a confirmation email

The confirmation email is sent automatically after your payment has been authorised. If it is not traceable in your inbox, please check your “spam” box. If you do not find your confirmation e-mail here, please contact us at the e-mail address of the branch you have booked.

How can I make a reservation for my child?

Reservations for a child, due to the age limit for entry to Spa Beerland, cannot be made online. However, if the child is accompanied by an adult, please write the number of children in the note when making the reservation and the additional payment for the child will be made at the reception upon arrival at Spa Beerland.

Is it possible to make a reservation over the phone?

It is not possible to enter an unpaid reservation into our booking system. You can make your reservation remotely via mobile phone, computer or in person at the branch with cash or credit card payment.

Is it possible to move my reservation from one branch to another?

Unfortunately, this option is not possible.

I don’t drink alcohol, do you offer other drinks?

Yes, we can offer non-alcoholic beer, hoppy water or lemonade at all branches.

What happens if I want to cancel my reservation?

Cancellations are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Can I bring my own snacks?

Bringing your own snacks is not allowed. Beer bread with homemade spread is served with each bath. Any individual requests for refreshments must be discussed in advance with the operator.

Can I purchase a gift voucher without making an immediate reservation?

Yes, you will choose the specific date and time of the bath when you redeem the voucher.

Can I smoke tobacco or e-cigarettes on the spa premises?

No, the consumption of tobacco products, smoking as well as electronic cigarettes are strictly prohibited on the premises of Spa Beerland.

How do I redeem my gift voucher?

You can redeem your gift voucher on our website, in the “gift vouchers” section. It is important to select the appropriate branch for which the voucher has been issued. Vouchers cannot be applied to any other branch than the one for which it was purchased.

What is the validity of the gift voucher and can it be extended?

A gift voucher is valid for exactly one year from the date of issue and cannot be extended in any way.

Accommodation At Golden Pear

Since when is check-in possible?

Official check-in times are from 14:00 to 19:00.

Since when is check-out possible?

Official check-out times are from 9:00 to 12:00.

I can’t make the official check-in time, can I still check in?

If you do not arrive at the official check-in time, we will prepare your keys in the box next to the front door. The code to the box will be sent to your phone number. If you have not provided it, it will be sent to the email included in your booking.

I arrive to your hotel by car, where can I park?

We have two parking options within walking distance of our hotel:

Parking lot “Jelení Dvůr” in Jelení 22 street, 200 meters from our hotel. The price is 300,- CZK per day.

Parking lot “Prašný most” in M. Horákové Street, 600 meters from our hotel. The price is 200,- CZK per day.

Is it possible to buy breakfast?

Yes, you can purchase breakfast when you book online or on arrival. The amount is CZK 370,- / EUR 15 per person. Breakfast must be booked the day before, before 15:00.

When is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served from 09:30 to 11:00.

I need to leave before the scheduled time for breakfast, how do I proceed?

If you need to leave before the scheduled time for breakfast, we will be happy to prepare you breakfast in the minibar.

I am interested in purchasing a beer spa for my stay, how can I purchase one?

If you are interested in purchasing a beer bath, you can do so online on our website: www.beerspa-beerland.com/prague-old-town/ or upon your arrival at the reception. To ensure availability, we recommend purchasing a beer bath online.

I have purchased a beer bath with my stay, how can I book a date?

To book an already purchased beer spa in a accommodation package, please contact us in advance at hotel@beerspa-beerland.com.

Are the rooms on the ground floor or upstairs?

All our rooms are located upstairs and are only accessible by stairs.

Do the rooms have a bathtub or shower?

Our Superior rooms have a freestanding bathtub. Comfort rooms have a shower.

Is there WiFi in the room?

Yes, free WiFi is available throughout our hotel.

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