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PRAGUE – NEW TOWN | Revoluční 22

PRAHA (Prague) is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic, and the 14th largest city in the European Union. Prague is also widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and has become the fifth most visited city in Europe, after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome. The main attractions include Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square with the Prague Astronomical Clock, Josefov, Petrin Hill and Vyšehrad.

The FIRST 5* TANK BEER SPA PRAGUE is located at Revoluční 22, just 300 metres from Republic Square or the Palladium shopping centre. As the street name suggests, Spa Beerland Prague promises a true Revolution in the field of experiential wellness and sets completely new standards in this area. The original basement premises, which have been carefully restored, offer several rooms in a premium 5* design.


PRAHA (Prague) became an important centre as early as the end of the 9th century, when the dynasty of Premyslids chose it as their seat. It reached its peak during the reign of Charles IV, and Prague became the capital of the Roman Empire for the first time. The unique architectural character of the city, with its medieval towers and the unmistakable Charles IV. Bridge, became a Unesco World Heritage Site at the end of the 20th century.

The FIRST BEER SPA CHATEAUX PRAGUE is located at Nový Svět 3, just 200 metres from Hradčany Square. The National Heritage building „At Golden pear“ has been carefully restored and now offers a total of three private spa rooms and an equal number of stylish suites. The famous alchemist and astrologist Tycho Brahe used to live in the street where the house is located and the tribute is paid to him here.

CARLSBAD | Stará Louka 8

KARLOVY VARY (Carlsbad / Karlsbad) is a world-famous spa town that dates back to 1350. The city was founded by Emperor Charles IV. and is especially famous for its natural thermal healing water. Among the most famous guests of this unique gem of the Czech spa industry were famous names such as J.W. Goethe, F. Chopin, N. Paganini, L.V. Beethoven and Peter the Great.

The FIRST BEER SPA CARLSBAD is located in the very centre of Karlovy Vary, only 30 metres from the main Spring. Today’s spa premises once served as a warehouse for golden liquor and thanks to careful reconstruction it is possible to experience the authentic atmosphere of old Czech spa practices in these cosy premises. Stone and brick masonry with a distinctive patina, a blazing fireplace and unlimited beer consumption will win the heart of every lover of the good old days!

MARIENBAD | Hlavní Třída 7

MARIÁNSKÉ LÁZNĚ (Marienbad) is the second most important spa town in the Czech Republic after Karlovy Vary. It was also founded a little later than the neighbouring spa in 1528, when King Ferdinand I. gave the first order to explore the natural springs. The town then grew in fame and boomed to its greatest extent, reaching its “golden age” in the middle of the 19th century. Names such as Fryderich Chopin, J.W. Goethe and Thomas Alva Edison adorned the crowded colonnades.

The FIRST BEER SPA MARIENBAD is located on the most important street of the city, on the Main Street No. 7. The cellars of the building with the original name “Schloss Versailles” were used as a warehouse for spirits in the seventeenth century and the pleasant aroma of herbal medicinal liqueurs can still be smelled here. The combined, irregular masonry reminds clients that the premises were built entirely by hand from local Marienbad rocks. We continue this tradition, and everything available in our spa is made using only traditional materials and hand craftsmanship!

FRANZENSBAD | Anglická 13

FRANTIŠKOVY LÁZNĚ (Franzensbad) is a well-known spa town whose origins date back to 1793, when it was founded by Emperor Franz I. as the world’s first moor spa. The small and cosy town, full of beautiful parks, experienced its boom at the beginning of the 18th century, when water from the local springs began to be exported all over the world. In its golden age, the baths were visited by celebrities such as J.W. Goethe, L.W. Beethoven and Franz Kafka.

The FIRST BEER SPA FRANZENSBAD is located just 200 metres from the most famous statue of this spa town – the statue of little Franz. The premises of our beer baths have undergone a challenging renovation, resulting in a picturesque private bath, especially unique thanks to the large, hand-folded, stained glass windows. A beer bath and some beer bread should not be skipped by any visitor to this beautiful town!

PILSEN | Náměstí Republiky 3

PLZEŇ (Pilsen) is the capital of the world brewing industry – the city that gave its name to the beer lager itself, which is now called “pilsner” or “pils” all over the world. Beer has been brewed here since the 13th century, and the fame that Pilsner beer has earned among all lovers of the golden liquoer continues to this day. The current historic centre of the city has a regular street network with the rectangular Republic Square in the centre, dominated by St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral with the highest church tower in the Czech Republic.

The FIRST BEER SPA PILSEN is located in the heart of the beer town on the main square „Náměstí Republiky“, just 20 metres from the City Hall and directly opposite the famous St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. The historic premises are located in the house “At the Golden Lamb”, which is now a National Cultural Monument. The history of the world brewing industry was written in this house when in the 13th century it received the so-called “right of brewing” from King Wenceslas II. and could thus participate in the production of the then Pilsner beer. Spa Beerland and Plzeňský Prazdroj are building on this history and invite you to a unique Pilsner beer wellness!