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The First Beer Spa Pilsen welcomes you

We offer an original spa treatment based on the use of only natural ingredients, materials and old Czech healing procedures.

THE FIRST BEER SPA PILSEN is located in the house “At the Golden Lamb”, which is a National Cultural Monument. The house stands in the very heart of the city, on the Republic Square, directly opposite the famous St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. The history of the world brewing industry was written in this house when in the 13th century the house received the so-called “brewing right” from King Wenceslas II. and could thus participate in the production of the Pilsner beer. Spa Beerland® and Plzeňský Prazdroj® build on this history and invite you to a unique beer wellness.

When you visit our SPA BEERLAND® PILSEN beer spa you will be able to:

  • Reserve a beer spa room just for yourself
  • Relax in original, handmade, thousand-litre oak tubs
  • Experience a 100% natural bath in beer extracts and herbal beer blends
  • Tap up and drink unlimited amounts of light and dark beer
  • Relax on a bed of real wheat straw by the warmth of the stove
  • Enjoy fresh homemade beer bread
  • Choose from the following rooms: Alte Pilsen, Alte Brauerei

Description of the procedure

Beer bath Spa Beerland Pilsen – takes place in handmade, thousand litre, whirlpool tubs made of Royal Oak. The bath consists of natural extracts used to brew Czech Pilsner Urquell® beer – premium hop varieties, brewer’s yeast and malt. The high content of hop essential oils contributes to the overall vitalisation and relaxation of skin pores. The brewer’s yeast has a beneficial effect on skin regeneration thanks to its high vitamin B content and active enzymes. Thanks to this unique combination of natural ingredients and the magical effect of the royal oak tree, which has always been a symbol of longevity and resilience, the bath stimulates metabolism, flushes harmful substances from the body, releases internal and external tension, fatigue and stress, and thus leads to perfect mental and physical relaxation. In the cosy rooms of the 13th century brewery house you will be able to drink unlimited amounts of genuine Pilsner Urquell® beer during the whole treatment.

Alte Pilsen

The Pilsner bath is followed by a rest on a bed of real wheat straw, which will promote the absorption of all the vitamins and extracts from the previous bath. During the rest you will be able to enjoy fresh homemade beer bread. A hot tiled stove will keep you company at the resting bed.

Alte Brauerei

Branch details

  • Premises of house “At the Golden Lamb” with a history dating back to the 13th century, from era of King Wenceslas II., which is registered as a national cultural monument
  • Location in the very heart of the historical centre of Pilsen, directly opposite the famous St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral
  • Interiors furnished with handmade vintage furniture
  • Unique display of historic brewing equipment from the Pilsner Urquell Museum
  • Bricks from the local Pilsner Klotz brickyard, from which the water tower of Pilsner Urquell is built
  • Two spa rooms: Alte Brauerei and Alte Pilsen
  • Alte Brauerei for up to 4 people with 2 tubs with hand-painted stained glass windows depicting historic Pilsen and the Pilsner Urquell Brewery
  • Alte Pilsen for up to 6 people with 3 tubs with historic tiled stove and hand-painted ceilings

During the treatment you will have the entire beer bath exclusively to yourself and will be able to drink unlimited amounts of beer.


Počet osobPočet vanCena za 1 hodinu Cena za osobu
1 osoba1 káď1.600 Kč1.600 Kč za osobu
2 osoby1 káď2.300 Kč 1.150 Kč za osobu
2 osoby2 kádě2.900 Kč1.450 Kč za osobu
3 osoby2 kádě3.900 Kč1.300 Kč za osobu
4 osoby2 kádě4.600 Kč1.150 Kč za osobu
3 osoby3 kádě4.500 Kč1.500 Kč za osobu
4 osoby3 kádě5.000 Kč1.250 Kč za osobu
5 osob3 kádě5.500 Kč1.100 Kč za osobu
6 osob3 kádě6.000 Kč1.000 Kč za osobu

Exkluzivní pronájem na 1 hodinu celého Spa Beerland celkem 2 místnosti (max. 10 osob)

Počet osobPočet kádíCena za 1 hodinu Cena za osobu
max. 10 osob5 kádí9.900 Kč990 Kč za osobu

Price per person from 48 EUR depending on the chosen option


15% discount for the second hour

30% discount on the second hour if booked for 2.5 hours

By booking the client confirms that he/she agrees to the general terms and conditions. Children aged 3 – 18 years are charged 550 CZK / 20 EUR as the second person in one bath. A separate bath for a child is possible from the age of 15 and is charged 1100 czk / 40 eur. Persons up to and including the age of 18 are only allowed to enter when accompanied by an adult and are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages. Prices include VAT and service in a foreign language.

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Where to find us

How far we are from

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral 20 m
City Hall and Information Centre 20 m
Prazdroj Brewery Museum 150 m
Hotel Marriot 200 m

How to reach us

by car – parking is possible on the square
by train – we are 900 metres from the train station
by bus – 1 km from the bus station
by tram – tram N1, N2


Náměstí Republiky 3, Plzeň, 301 00
www.beerspa-beerland.com | pilsen@beerspa-beerland.com

Phone: +420 607 227 227
Open daily from 10:00 to 19:00

OPERATOR: Lamar Spa, s.r.o., Klimentská 1, Praha 1, 110 00, IČ: 08054665, DIČ: CZ08054665